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Our world-renowned faculty members in the School of International Letters and Cultures solve prominent issues facing communities worldwide through research. From exploring the meaning of butterflies in Chinese and Korean culture to addressing the effect of interpersonal violence in Latin America, our faculty-led research projects have unprecedented value for cultures and communities across the globe.

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En tiempos peligrosos

This archive is dedicated to female friendships in dangerous times. One of the most dangerous times for women was the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and the dictatorship of Francisco Franco (1939-75), when the freedoms achieved by women during the Spanish Second Spanish Republic (1931-39) were lost. For the research and completion of this archive, profs. Elizabeth Horan (Department of English), Carmen de Urioste-Azcorra (School of International Letters and Cultures), and Cynthia Tompkins (Schools of International Letters and Cultures) received an IHR Seed Grant (2017). The final outcome of the grant was the book Preciadas cartas (Renacimiento, 2019) and this web archive in Omeka. For the web archive prof. Urioste worked with Jennifer Byron (Spanish PhD, 2019).


Global Intersections Blog

The SILC Instructional and Research Technology Committee has created a central hub of research and points-of-interest stories surrounding the language and cultures in the School of International Letters and Cultures.  This is a constant work in progress-- there is something new to look at every time.  These entries come from the perspective of faculty, graduate students, lecturers, and instructors. If you are interested in intensive courses, faculty research, or the role of technology in learning languages, give the link a quick click


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