China is one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations and newest economic giants, and when you've studied Chinese language and culture you'll have gained a competitive edge in the dynamic frontier of international business and relations as well as in the arts and sciences.

Imagine the new opportunities open to you after studying Japanese. Whether you are interested in foreign service, teaching, international business, diplomacy, science and technology, entertainment or anything in between, knowledge of Japanese takes you to the next level as you expand your network personally and professionally.


French, BA

Learn one of the most widely spoken and important languages in the world. Study abroad in fascinating places and encounter many different cultures. Your experiences as a French major prepare you for a variety of creative and international professions.


German, BA

Whether you are intrigued by Germans' success in the business world; want to learn how environmental and social justice movements are approached in Germany; or are imagining a career in the natural sciences, performing arts, sustainability or the humanities, a major in German helps you translate the world from a new perspective.

With approximately 420 million speakers around the world, Arabic is rooted in influential and emerging economies, ancient history and modern politics. When you know this strategic language, you will also have the cultural intelligence and competency that gives you a competitive edge and a pathway into a number of fields.

Knowing the past gives a new perspective on the present. Once you have studied the myths, history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome, you'll always see the big picture. The long-term thinking and distinctive viewpoint of the classical civilization graduate is prized in education, business, law and creative fields.

Engage diverse cultures past and present by studying the classics that fueled the Renaissance. Delve into the literature, art, history and philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Romans, this rich transdisciplinary field that continues to provide an intellectual foundation for innovative and influential people.

Become a person of culture --- multiple cultures. As a virtual citizen of the world, you'll be in demand for a variety of careers and disciplines.


Italian, BA

Italian unlocks the doors to Italy's culture and language as well as to careers in design, fashion, food, sustainability, health and wellness, manufacturing, computer services, and the aerospace and automotive sectors. Due to Italy's rich history, quality of life and industrial leadership, Italian is the fourth most studied language globally.


Russian, BA

Stand out. Choose Russian. Thrill to some of the world's greatest art in the original language. Study abroad with prestigious scholarships. Travel Eurasia with the lingua franca. Stand in Red Square. Learn a strategic language. Serve in government, NGOs and international organizations and take your place on the world stage.


Spanish, BA

Fluency in Spanish coupled with critical-thinking and analytical skills affords you an unparalleled competitive edge in today's job market and our increasingly diverse society. Traveling, living and working in Spanish-speaking communities around the world provides a wide array of personal and professional opportunities for embracing life in a globalized world.