Frequently Asked Questions

The ASU Chinese Language Flagship Program is a nationally recognized, honors-level program of study in Chinese language and culture that aims to enable highly motivated undergraduate students to achieve a superior level of proficiency (ILR-3) in Mandarin Chinese as well as in-depth cultural competency.

Flagship students at ASU take a combination of Chinese language courses as well as Chinese content courses - classes taught entirely in Chinese on a variety of subjects - which aim to train students in professional and academic language skills. Flagship students then complete a final Capstone year in Nanjing or Tianjin, which consists of a combination of intensive language courses and direct enrollment courses relating to the student's domain of study, followed by an internship based on the student's future career field.

The ideal Flagship candidate should intend to become a life-long learner of Chinese and have a genuine interest in pursuing China-related professions. Due to the rigorous nature of the program, candidates for admission must have a record of outstanding academic performance and a high commitment to personal and academic growth.

Applicants must be enrolled at ASU and have completed or been currently enrolled in CHI 101 or CHI 110. The ASU Chinese Flagship Program admits qualified undergraduates from all backgrounds and majors. Students with higher proficiency levels may transfer into the program at any point excluding the Capstone year, which must be preceded by a domestic year at ASU. Applicants that are not U.S. citizens or do not have U.S. permanent residency are accepted but are not eligible for Flagship financial aid.

Click here to download our online application package. Applicants are required to submit their completed application form, two recommendation forms, an official or unofficial ASU transcript (high school transcripts are accepted for incoming ASU freshmen), and a handwritten writing sample (for students with prior Chinese language background). The exact date for application deadlines will be announced at the beginning of every fall semester and is usually set in mid-November.

No, applicants do not need to be a Chinese major to apply for Flagship. Flagship students may complete the program through multiple pathways. Students may major only in Chinese; combine Chinese with a second, non-Chinese major; or participate in the Flagship program without majoring in Chinese. This last option is particularly attractive for students studying majors that have intensive graduation requirements such as engineering or science degrees.

Yes, freshmen or first-year Chinese students can apply for Flagship, but applicants must have completed or been currently enrolled in CHI 101 or CHI 110.

Yes, Flagship students will have multiple opportunities to study abroad in China or Taiwan. There are many Flagship-approved domestic and overseas summer language programs at top universities in Indiana, China, and Taiwan. Flagship students will also spend a year-long Capstone at Nanjing University or Tianjin Normal University.

Yes, Flagship scholarships are available for accepted students to provide financial support for summer study abroad programs and the Capstone year. The ASU Chinese Language Flagship Program is also very successful in assisting students in finding additional outside sources of funding.