Language Fair

The School of International Letters and Cultures is committed to providing students from Arizona and around the world with new opportunities in language and culture studies that will help prepare them for global citizenship. In line with that commitment, the school hosts a Language Fair for more than 1,000 high school students each spring on the ASU Tempe campus. 

The Language Fair provides high school students the opportunity to compete and demonstrate their foreign language proficiency, and to experience a range of cultures and languages by participating in a wide variety of activities.  

There is no fee for students to attend the fair.  Students are encouraged to either bring a bagged lunch or some money to purchase lunch in the MU, $10 should be sufficient though they may wish to bring a little more if they would like to buy drinks or snacks before lunch.  Teachers and parents may need to pay to park cars or vans as we are unable to reimburse these charges due to budgetary changes.

2016Language Fair: Tuesday, February 23, 2016.

The 2016 Theme: Language, Culture, and Cuisine. This year we are asking students to demonstrate how is the importance of food reflected in the linguistic expressions and cultural traditions of the world.  For example, in France, everyone says "Bon appétit" at the start of the meal.  Another example would be:  "Elle est bon comme du pain" can mean "She has a  heart of gold" when this person is being compared to bread in French.