Arabic Studies

Earning a certificate in Arabic --- the language of more than 22 countries --- shows a commitment to understanding the cultures of a region with global impact. By learning Arabic language and about Arabic literature and culture, you'll be developing knowledge that is in demand in today's job market while broadening your perspective on global issues.

Social media and nightly news are filled with events touching on the Middle East and Islamic nations. But how many people understand the deep issues at hand? You can. With a minor in Arabic studies, you'll have a cross-cultural understanding of Islamic civilization which will provide you opportunities in the global workforce.

China continues to rise as an economic power, and so can your value in the marketplace when you're fluent in Chinese. Your deep understanding of a culturally rich nation, earned through the minor in Chinese, will add depth and value to your major.

Studying Japanese opens the door to a variety of new career paths, new experiences and new opportunities for personal growth and exploration. Regardless where your interests lie, the Japanese language can help take you where you want to be.


Brazilian Studies

Explore the complexities of Brazilian culture and history in courses that encourage rethinking Brazil beyond media images of samba and carnival. Acquire knowledge and critical thinking skills that will aid you in becoming a global leader committed to social justice and cross-cultural understanding through any career path you choose.

"Where does that come from?" The answer is often: ancient Greece and Rome. Learn about ancient literature, art and thought, and discover insights into any major you pursue. Gain a deeper understanding of the present and a clearer vision for the future by studying the civilizations and wisdom of the past.


Classical Studies

Scratch the surface of the modern world and you'll find antiquity: ancient Greek and Latin language, the old myths and gods, classic literature, art and thought. With a classics certificate, your degree will have additional depth and value.



Scratch the surface of the modern world and you'll find antiquity: ancient Greek and Latin language, myths and gods, literature, art and thought. You will gain a deeper understanding of the present and a clearer vision for the future by studying the language, civilizations and wisdom of the past.


European Studies

Are you curious how Brexit, migration, populism and Russian tactics are affecting Europe and the embattled European Union? Explore the fall of the Berlin Wall, the emergence of a strong Central Europe, and the modern challenges dividing political and economic alliances and redefining the concept of Europe.



Learn one of the most widely spoken and important languages in the world, explore many different French-speaking cultures, and enhance these with study abroad in a fascinating place. It's all in preparation for a variety of creative and international professions.



Add a German minor to your degree program and watch as the opportunities and points of connection to other parts of the globe take you in directions you never thought possible. Whether you're interested in engineering, science, health, sustainability, global business or art, you'll see immediate benefits from studying German.

Looking for an interdisciplinary certificate to prepare you for a career working on global issues? Whether your interests lie in social, political or economic issues, exploring the historical origins and current effects of globalization through a cultural lens is the foundation you need to better understand today's world.


International Cinema

Movies provide powerful insight into diverse cultures and can help shape thinking. Exposure to world cinema is a key component in becoming a culturally literate and engaged citizen. See how a certificate in international cinema can give you a global perspective that will help you excel in personal and professional endeavors.



Delve into the rich history and culture of Italy, a leader in global innovation in several industries, including art, fashion and food. Your knowledge of Italian, the fourth most studied language in the world, is critical to understanding developments in these fields.



Study Korean, and prepare for today's geopolitics, international security, global marketplace and technological innovation, and connect with the world, and even relate more intimately with your K-pop idols and K-drama stars. The world today demands more people with knowledge of Korean language and culture.


Korean Studies

Redefine your personal strengths and stand out in the job market. Learn the skills of critical thinking and cultural diversity in a language employers in every field are seeking. A certificate in Korean prepares you for the global marketplace, technological innovation and cultural exchange.

A certificate in Latin American studies adds depth to any field of study. You'll learn to interact with diverse populations and appreciate the cultural differences. Cultural competency makes you more competitive in various industries, and this certificate is the first step.


Modern Hebrew

A certificate in modern Hebrew adds context and nuance to any study of the complex issues at play in the current Middle East.



Did you know that, worldwide, Portuguese is the fastest growing European language after English, is the most spoken language in South America, and is rapidly growing in southern Africa? Studying Portuguese can open the door for you to a world of new career paths and opportunities for growth and exploration.



ASU has built the largest Romanian program in the U.S., and you can be part of it. Study language, politics, culture and religion --- everything that makes Romania a vibrant member of the European Union.



Choose Russian. Learn this strategic language. Study abroad with prestigious scholarships. Appreciate some of the world's greatest art. Travel Eurasia. Challenge yourself. Russian remains one of the less-commonly taught yet critically needed languages. Studying Russian can open doors to careers in government, NGOs and international organizations.

Unlock the doors to exciting government, international and corporate organizations with your competitive edge in skills in the lesser known Slavic languages. A minor in this field gives you a background in the hotbed zones of Eastern Europe and a cultural expertise that's in demand.



If you want a competitive edge in today's job market and changing cultural landscape, you'll want the fluency in Spanish and the critical and analytical skills this program provides. It will broaden your perspectives and prepare you for future opportunities.



Our globalized world has an increasing need for translators in both the private and government sectors. A certificate in translation can pave the way to a career in several fields.