Collaborations and partners

Central European Collaborative

Preparing students to bridge cultural differences and forge beneficial and democratic exchanges throughout the region

The mission of the Central European Collaborative is to focus on Romania's cultural identity and to foster a mutually beneficial dialogue between ASU faculty and students, and Romanian dignitaries, universities, and artist groups of both countries by creating a bridge of mutual understanding and cooperation between American and Romanian universities and communities.

The Central European Cultural Collaborative aims to build academic exchanges and foster intercultural communication between the countries of Europe and the United States.

The Collaborative achieves this mission by facilitating numerous cultural, artistic, and scholarly exchanges between U.S. faculty and students, and faculty at Romanian academic institutions and all other cultural and academic organizations from East-Central Europe. 

The activities:

  1. Agreements of academic cooperation with:
    • The Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca, Romania’s largest academic institution (65,000 students)
    • The Theatre Department of the Babes Bolyai University
    • The Ovidius University of Constanta, at the Black Sea
    • The University of Bucharest’s Center for American Studies
    • The Ion Andreescu Institute of Plastic Arts and Interior Design
    • The Gheorghe Dima Conservatory and School of Music (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
    All these universities provide exchanges of faculty and students with the Arizona State University’s Romanian Program, both during the academic year and the summer sessions.
  2. Long standing collaboration with the Romanian Culture Institute (ICR) that has sponsored cultural exchanges between the ASU Romanian Program and Romania, provided internships for ASU students and a robust exchange of scholars and artists visiting Arizona State University from Romania, France, and UK.
  3. ASU’s Summer Program in Romania and Central Europe offered for academic credit to ASU and US students.

Spanish Initiative in China

Our Spanish Faculty has been cultivating a relationship with various institutions to strengthen the Spanish-Chinese ties. Their efforts are growing across the world and are making an impact on the Spanish-Chinese political, economical, communal, and educational relationships.

ASU, The school of International Letters and Cultures more specifically, Have brought together a variety of Institutions around the world and have created 3 key Conferences:

Sichuan University

  • Our partnership began in 2014
  • SILC goes to Sichuan University with faculty and Graduate Students to teach courses in Spanish, through this our students landed a job with them.
  • The Chair of Spanish in Sichuan University, Dr. Shi Wei (Marisol) will expend 6 months as a Visiting Scholar at Arizona State.

  • Through this program, students from Sichuan University relocate to Arizona to attend Arizona State University in the School of International Letters and Cultures

University of Chicago Center, Renmin University

  • We celebrated this symposium successfully at the University of Chicago Beijng Center as a way to further relations between Spanish departments at Renmin University, Beijing University, The University of Chicago, and Arizona State in both sides of the Pacific.

Center for Argentinian Studies, Beijing

  • We celebrated this symposium as a way to further relations between our Spanish program and the Center for Argentinian Studies.